Our build division provides complete construction management, general contracting as well as design & build services to our clients.

Sustainability & Building Evaluation

Limiting the impact of climate change in our built environment is one of the biggest challenges of our lifetime. We understand that there is no ‘one sizes fit all’ approach and we work with our clients to tailor custom solutions to help them meet their carbon reduction and sustainability goals.

With the recent passing of the Climate Mobilization Act, Local Law 97 in New York, calling for the interim goal of reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions from existing properties by 40% in 2030 and the overall target of 80% by 2050 we are working with trusted industry partners to deliver the following range of services to our clients:

  • Life Cycle & Sustainability Analysis
  • Energy Monitoring & Behavior Reporting
  • Existing municipal code violation report
  • Review of vertical transportation systems
  • Checking power availability to emergency systems
  • Checking for energy efficiency, utilities and accessibility
  • Full property evaluation & conditions survey
  • Desktop study & energy analysis
  • Energy monitoring packages
  • Assessment & survey report on all existing MEP & equipment installations
  • Complete turnkey solutions for building evaluation, design and installation to meet compliance standards
  • Creation of detailed procurement schedules


Our procurement team specializes in the sourcing of construction materials, services & FFE through our trusted global supply chain network of specialist manufacturers and suppliers ensuring cost, program and quality certainty.

Our range of services include:

  • Supply Chain Due diligence
  • Responsibility matrix
  • Supplier Identification and Prequalification
  • Scheduling & Programming
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Value Engineering
  • Bid Management
  • Bid Leveling
  • Purchase Order Issuance
  • Project Accounting & Transaction Management
  • Supply Chain Management & Logistic Planning
  • Third-party testing and statutory compliance certification and oversight


We know what it takes to deliver a successful project and what pitfalls to avoid. Our early involvement allows clients to ask ‘What if’ questions about budgeting, scheduling, programming, procurement, and design options to seek answers prior to commencement of works on-site. This results in greater cost, program, quality and safety certainty.

As we guide our clients through this process our extensive knowledge of alternate material selections, engineering systems, and work practices helps yield significant savings whilst not impacting the original design intent. A detailed cost estimate for every element of the project will be presented to allow informed decisions to be made.

Pre-construction services we offer to our clients:

  • Risk management & Risk register production
  • Labor & material analysis
  • Procurement scheduling and long lead item identification
  • Purchasing
  • Project Execution Planning & Sequencing
  • Detailed scheduling
  • Estimating
  • Cost Planning & budget control
  • Value Engineering
  • MEP installation reviews
  • Site logistics planning
  • Health, safety & environmental planning
  • Early sub-contractor & specialist trade reviews

General Contracting & Construction Management

Affect’s build division provides complete construction management and general contracting services across multiple sectors. To ensure the project is delivered is on time, within budget, and delivered to the client’s safety and quality standards, our management team oversees and coordinates all project members on the design and engineering teams to resolve buildability and coordination issues efficiently and effectively.

We oversee the coordination of all sub-contractors and vendor activities on-site to ensure the project upholds our client’s expectations for quality, safety, cost, programming, and environmental benchmarks.

Our typical services include:

  • Creation of detailed procurement schedules
  • Development and maintenance of the design and construction schedules
  • Pre-qualification of the supply chain and vendor management
  • Coordination of all daily sub-contractor and vendor activities
  • Maintenance of strong communication between all project stakeholders and team members
  • Oversight of all project reporting on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • Implement and enforce health, safety, quality, and environmental programs
  • Provision of daily project administration services
  • Oversight of all commissioning and end-user training
  • Project closeout oversight inclusive of punch list and financial close out in a timely and efficient manner
  • Assist with client move in

360 Design / Build

Affect is a fully integrated Design & Build business.

Our 360 delivery model executed by a cohesive project delivery team takes projects from conception to completion. This supports, cost, program & quality certainty throughout. And by giving our clients a single point of contact, they can be sure we are orchestrating the successful realization of their project.

Advantages to our 360 Design & Build Model:

  • Significant program savings achieved through a fast-tracked delivery model
  • Early supply chain involvement to assist with budgeting, programming, value engineering, and constructibility input
  • A collaborative process with open lines of communication between all project stakeholders
  • Continuous budgeting and value engineering throughout the process to deliver cost certainty and savings

Digital Design & Construction

We are a business that is future-ready through the adoption and implementation of digital technologies ensuring we are 'Digital by Default'.

Our digital workflows and platforms transform the way we plan, design, deliver, and manage assets.

Our digital mission is to support operational excellence in the project delivery process through the mobilization of a streamlined BIM and digital work-flow platform and apply industry-leading technology solutions and continually strive to improve our performance.

Some of the technologies and services we have adopted and provide are as follows:

  • Cloud-based project management programs to facilitate a completely digitized workflow handling all submittals, quality control, financials, RFI’s, punch lists, document management and project reporting with client dashboards
  • BIM, Virtual Design and Construction Modeling enables planning for all site logistics and operations along with clash detection and design coordination to mitigate change orders and facilitate greater team collaboration