Interior Bar Design, Custom Kitchen Design, Project Management, Procurement, Branding, Interior Styling & Operational Consultancy

The project is situated within two adjoining Midtown West townhouses and involved the full gut demolition of four floors as well as structural bracing for the mezzanine extension. Work included the design and installation of two new bars, a new kitchen with twin lines and pizza oven, new bathrooms, full HVAC inclusive of ERV’s and kitchen extract system, new patio terrace façade curtain walling system, all specialist joinery, F.F.E and interior decorations including small wares.

Haswell Green’s interior speaks to the age of the Industrial Revolution with exposed brick and piping, punctuated with colorful and modern twists. The venue is laced with design features that reference the work and reputation of Haswell Green.  A stage is situated on the main level to showcase live music every night.

The space features a ceiling mural of the ‘founding fathers of New York City’ who include the legendary JP Morgan, Charles M. Schwab, Andrew Carnegie and of course, Andrew Haswell Green. A staircase sprawling with a map of Central Park, showcases the focal point of Green’s life work.​

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