The Affect team, comprised of architects, designers, project managers and hospitality professionals...

Affect Group has a collective experience stemming from grassroots involvement to overarching design and build expertise of hospitality environments. This allows us to have a full, rooted perspective and approach.

Concept Design, Schematic Design, Design Development,
Custom Furniture & Lighting Design, Styling, Interior
Roll Out Guidelines

Design Management, Due Diligence, Programming & Schedule
Management, Contract Administration, Cost Control, Bid
Management, Change Order Management, Value Engineering,
Risk Management, Health & Safety

Due Diligence, Supplier Identif ication & Prequalif ication,
Supplier Relationship Management, Value Engineering, Bid
Management, Supply Chain Management & Logistic Planning

Brand & Concept ThinkTanks, Market Research, Strategy,
Naming, SWOT Analysis, Brand Identity & Positioning, Logo
Design & Graphics, Brand Guidelines

Food & Beverage Consultancy, Menu Development,
Operations Consultancy

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or email us at info@affect-group.com